Becoming A Responsible Towing Patron

Ways Roadside Assistance Comes To Your Rescue When You Have Car Trouble

If you drive a car, then having a roadside assistance plan is a good investment. You'll know who to call in an emergency so you never have to worry about what to do when your car breaks down. You can get roadside assistance without a plan, but it's more convenient if you have a number to call and are familiar with the process. If you keep your car in good shape, then you may never need emergency help, but since being stranded on the side of the road is frightening, it's always good to have a plan for dealing with an emergency. Read More 

Three Tips For Getting The Ideal Towing Package For Your Vehicle

When you are in the market for a new automobile, you should consider buying a towing package to go along with it. A towing package consists of a hitch and other equipment that will allow you to haul another vehicle, camping gear, supplies, trailers, jet skis or any other equipment. With this in mind, consider the information below regarding the features and costs of a tow package and tow vehicle, so that you can make the right decision. Read More 

Minor Reasons You Could Fail A Vehicle Inspection

No matter where you live, registering a vehicle with the DMV is required. Is your vehicle ready? Some drivers are shocked when they are handed a failed inspection report; however, the reality is inspections are a lot more detailed than many people think. Make certain you know what seemingly minor factors could keep you from a passing score so that you can avoid this scenario.  Horn Horns aren't just a way for you to show your frustration when an overly aggressive driver cuts you off. Read More 

Keep These Important Items In Your Vehicle For Emergency Situations

While you may not want to think about your car breaking down on the side of the highway, it is very important for you to be prepared for when it will invariably happen. To prepare for breakdowns, you should always carry the following supplies in the trunk of your car: A Can of Tire Sealant Foam You should always have a jack and tire iron to remove a flat tire and replace it with your car's spare. Read More 

Semi-Trucker: Tips To Avoid Common Accidents

You may know how to keep yourself safe as you drive your semi truck, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take extra precautions. The following guide will show you some of the most common reasons semi trucks are involved in accidents and how to avoid them. The Usual Culprits The following are some accident-causing factors: Driver errors, like failing to check for unfastened coupling devices, tire-related issues, driving while tired, or oversteering. Read More 

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Becoming A Responsible Towing Patron

When I was sixteen, I bought an old beater car from one of my neighbors. I absolutely loved the color and the fact that I could customize the interior. Unfortunately, the engine had more than a few minor problems. After driving it for a few weeks, it started to slow down and sputter. Instead of pulling my car off to the side, I decided to stop right in the middle of a busy intersection, figuring that the tow truck driver could deliver me from danger. As I watched the driver dodge oncoming traffic, I realized that it was important to teach other people about how to become a responsible towing patron.