Becoming A Responsible Towing Patron

Moving Your Mobile Home To A New Location

If you have decided to relocate your mobile home to a new lot, you are most likely in the process of making preparations for the day of the move. When dealing with an oversized haul, the towing service you select will do safety checks to make sure your home is relocated without damage. There are however, some additional steps you can do on your own to help keep your mobile home even safer.

Prepare The Mobile Home

Before you can place a mobile home on a truck for moving, all utilities need to be properly disconnected. Make appointments with power companies and heating companies to come out to your lot to do the removal professionally. Carefully remove the skirting attached to the bottom of your mobile home so the trucking company can safely lift the unit to place on the flatbed. Have the trucking company secure the skirting to the flatbed so you can put it back over the home's chassis when you get to your new lot.

Check The Exterior

Before your modular home is placed on the flatbed, do a complete evaluation of the exterior of your unit to make sure there are no parts that can fly off, possibly hitting a vehicle on the road. Remove satellite dishes, light fixtures and wall decor. Do a check of all the siding on your home to make sure it is securely fastened in place. If there are loose portions, remove them and replace them after you make the move. Lock your doors from the outside to make sure that they do not fly open during the move.

Secure The Interior

Consider moving a good portion of your belongings and appliances out of your home to be put on moving van when transporting to their new home. This will help keep the weight restriction of the flatbed in check. Take all light bulbs out of light fixtures so there is no risk of broken glass inside the home. Tape masking tape in an "X" formation over each window from the interior of your home in case the jostling of the truck causes a window to break. This will help contain the glass pieces in one area. 

Secure all cabinets, doors, and drawers so that they do not open and close during the haul. Use heavy-duty tape to secure them in place. Do the same with toilet lids so there is no risk of broken porcelain due to the move.

For more tips on hauling a mobile home, contact a company like Gallup Oversize Pilot Service.

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Becoming A Responsible Towing Patron

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