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Semi-Trucker: Tips To Avoid Common Accidents

You may know how to keep yourself safe as you drive your semi truck, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take extra precautions. The following guide will show you some of the most common reasons semi trucks are involved in accidents and how to avoid them.

The Usual Culprits

The following are some accident-causing factors:

  • Driver errors, like failing to check for unfastened coupling devices, tire-related issues, driving while tired, or oversteering.
  • Issues with the semi truck, like leaks, bad steering mechanisms, or brakes.
  • Extreme weather conditions, like strong winds that make it more likely that a semi truck will tip over, or conditions that make it hard to see. These conditions could include snow or rain.

Talk to your supervisor about other specific issues that you should be aware of in the region where you work or will be driving to.

Tips To Avoid Accidents

Mechanical Issues

Be sure that a mechanic thoroughly inspects your semi truck before undertaking an assignment. Watch out for the following as you drive:

  • Sounds that you are not familiar with, like whining, could point to a bad timing belt or engine.
  • There might be a delay when you shift from one speed to another, which could be a sign of transmission issues.
  • You see bronze or copper-like liquid inside your radiator. This happens when rust breaks and combines with your coolant; this puts your semi truck in danger of overheating. An overheating radiator can compromise your transmission system. 
  • If you step on the brakes, and your steering wheel vibrates, this could indicate a brake problem.

Stop the semi truck and have it towed by your semi truck towing specialist if you notice any of the above. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Bad Weather

There is not much you can do about bad weather, except avoid it. You can do that with the following tips:

  • The easiest way is to pay attention to the weather channel, and keep an ear on any updates.
  • Pay attention to the signs of bad weather, like strong winds from the east could mean a storm is nearing. A ring around the moon may be telling you that snow or rain is impending.
  • You can install a digital barometer to read the the atmospheric pressure wherever you are driving. Remember that a drop in pressure means rain and storms. 

There you go; now you can avoid some of the common causes of semi truck-related issues.

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