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Minor Reasons You Could Fail A Vehicle Inspection

No matter where you live, registering a vehicle with the DMV is required. Is your vehicle ready? Some drivers are shocked when they are handed a failed inspection report; however, the reality is inspections are a lot more detailed than many people think. Make certain you know what seemingly minor factors could keep you from a passing score so that you can avoid this scenario. 


Horns aren't just a way for you to show your frustration when an overly aggressive driver cuts you off. They are an important part of a safe vehicle. Horns can also prevent accidents.

If an unaware pedestrian is about to step out on the road in front of you or a vehicle is about to turn in front of you, hitting the horn can serve as a warning signal and stop a bad situation from occurring. For this reason, if your horn doesn't work at all or is weak, you probably won't pass your inspection until it's been repaired.

Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are one of the most neglected parts of a vehicle because they don't really have anything to do with how a vehicle operates. Before your inspection, make sure your wipers are in good condition otherwise you might not get a passing score.

If your wiper blades are torn or worn to the point that they aren't properly cleaning your window, this presents a safety hazard for yourself and other motorists. In the event of inclement weather, failing wipers inhibit your view and increase your risk of an accident.

Fuel Tank Cap

If your fuel tank cap is damaged or doesn't quite fit as tightly as it once did, it might be a good idea to address this issue before heading out to have your vehicle inspected. This is especially true if your state inspection also includes an emission's test.

An ill-fitting cap increases the risk of a leak, which is both hazardous and harmful to the environment. Think about it, every time you hit even the slightest bump in the road you could be spilling gas. There is also the risk of gas vapors seeping out through the opening, which is just as harmful.

Passing a vehicle inspection is all about being prepared. Make sure you know what the requirements are for your state so that you can address any issues ahead of time. Researching your local requirements is a great place to start.

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