Becoming A Responsible Towing Patron

5 Teen Towing Tips

As children age, it's important that you let them take on greater responsibilities. When your teenager expresses a desire to drive, it's natural that you'd have some butterflies in your stomach. You may fear for their safety and worry about their ability to handle themselves if their vehicle breaks down or is otherwise unusable. Having dependable towing companies' numbers saved in their phone contacts is important, but you'll also want to pass on these suggestions.

1-Keep a Safety Bag

Generally, you should encourage your child to keep a safety bag for occasions where they'll have to use towing assistance. The bag should include flares in case their vehicle is stuck at night, but it should also contain personal items like a blanket, a flashlight, and even snacks. With these items, they can stay as comfortable as it's possible to be during a wait.

2-Conserve Phone Battery

Teenagers use their phones all the time, or so everyone says. If your teen is one who always seems to be texting, talking, or playing games, that's exactly what they'll attempt to do after they've contacted you and a towing company. Impress upon them how vital it is that they conserve their phone's battery; not only might the towing company attempt to make contact, but waiting could drag on, and they may need to make additional calls. In rare cases, they may need to get in touch with the police department. Therefore, using the phone for leisure activities should be avoided.

3-Assemble Valuables and Documents

If they're eager to get out of the vehicle, remind your child that the wait for a tow should include gathering everything valuable and important. If their laptop is in the car, for example, they should make sure it's moved to the front seat so that they don't forget to bring it along. Their registration, insurance, and other documents should also be compiled and ready.

4-Don't Wander

After a while, boredom could slowly set in. Your teen may feel adventurous and hope to return to a shop they saw on the road or knock on a nearby residence's door. Counsel them against such actions because that could prolong the entire experience. If a truck appears and no one seems to claim the vehicle, the driver could disappear. In addition, if your teen is traveling by night, they could put themselves in an unsafe situation. Vehicles may not be able to make out their lonely figure on a dark road, for instance.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you or your teen driver is in need of auto towing services.

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Becoming A Responsible Towing Patron

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