Becoming A Responsible Towing Patron

Semi-Trucker: Tips To Avoid Common Accidents

You may know how to keep yourself safe as you drive your semi truck, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take extra precautions. The following guide will show you some of the most common reasons semi trucks are involved in accidents and how to avoid them. The Usual Culprits The following are some accident-causing factors: Driver errors, like failing to check for unfastened coupling devices, tire-related issues, driving while tired, or oversteering. Read More 

Tips For Towing A Car With An Automatic Transmission

If you're towing a car with an automatic transmission, it's important that you do it carefully. The transmission can suffer serious damage even if it's placed in neutral. To protect the transmission while under tow, you'll want to make sure that the car is secured in a way that doesn't engage the inner components of the transmission. Here are some tips to help you determine how best to tow that car. Read More 

2 Ways To Keep Your Tow Truck Driver Safe On The Job

When your car dies suddenly, your attention might turn to your missed appointments and the expense of fixing your car. In an effort to get on your way, you might call a tow truck driver to deliver you from emergency. However, tow truck drivers face dangers of their own on a daily basis. Here are two ways to keep your tow truck driver safe on the job so that you don't witness another accident: Read More 

5 Tips For Reducing The Towing Costs

Getting out of a tough situation where your car has broken down or run out of gas on the side of the road can be as easy as contacting a towing business. In order to get your car back on the road or brought to an auto repair shop, it's important that you look into the various ways that you can save money. Narrow Search to Towing Businesses Within Your Area Read More 

3 Valuable Towing Service Guidelines

When you have a project that involves towing any sort of vehicle, it is vitally important that you learn some guidelines that will help you get the work that you need. These tips are ideal to make sure that your project goes off without a hitch, while also protecting all vehicles involved and streamlining the process. Follow this advice and use it as you make plans for the towing project that you need: Read More 

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Becoming A Responsible Towing Patron

When I was sixteen, I bought an old beater car from one of my neighbors. I absolutely loved the color and the fact that I could customize the interior. Unfortunately, the engine had more than a few minor problems. After driving it for a few weeks, it started to slow down and sputter. Instead of pulling my car off to the side, I decided to stop right in the middle of a busy intersection, figuring that the tow truck driver could deliver me from danger. As I watched the driver dodge oncoming traffic, I realized that it was important to teach other people about how to become a responsible towing patron.